The Norwegian hike

When Sunday arrives many people find their way out in nature. So do we. Taking a walk and eating lunch outside is a Norwegian way of mindfulness. We love being outside. In the last twenty years it has also become normal to climb the highest mountains both summer and winter, especially in the north where … Continue reading The Norwegian hike

Troublesome darkness

It was the time before electricity, before science took over people’s thoughts, and folk tales and folklore told stories about how things really related to each other. When autumn darkness grew stronger and the Polar Night arrived, in that time darkness was troublesome. It housed several spirits, trolls, and a special creature connected to the … Continue reading Troublesome darkness

Looking for the God of small things

When life sucks the medicine often offered is a daily hike. Of course, running, or fighting your way uphill with high pulse, everybody understands that the endorphins are going to cure bad mood. The calm little hike on the other hand, it is not easy to see how it is going to cure anything. But … Continue reading Looking for the God of small things